The UK Gambling Commission is calling for views on plans to accelerate progress in its drive to make Britain’s gambling industry the fairest and safest in the world.

The regulator would like to hear views from all stakeholders – including consumers, gambling businesses and other interested groups – on three proposed measures to reduce gambling harms and help consumers in dispute with operators.

Customer Interaction

Customer interaction describes how gambling businesses identify and interact to help customers who may be at risk of or experiencing harms associated with gambling.

As part of this consultation the Commission is requesting views on strengthening our expectations on identifying and interacting with customers, evaluating what works, and taking into account the regulator’s guidance on customer interaction.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

All licensed gambling operators are required to meet certain standards when handling complaints and offer dispute resolution by an ADR provider.

Following a review of the sector the Commission has decided to consult on whether it should require operators to only use ADR providers who have met additional standards it has set.

Gambling blocking software

In addition to consulting on specific changes to our requirements for operators above, we are also seeking views through a call for evidence on whether operators should have to provide access to blocking software free of charge to customers, and how this could most effectively be delivered. Gambling blocking software allows consumers to block access to gambling products on their phone, tablet or computer. It can be a helpful tool to add friction between a compulsion to gamble and the ability to be able to do so.

Paul Hope, Gambling Commission Executive Director, said: “We would like as many people as possible to have their say on these two consultations and the call for evidence. The proposed changes are intended to accelerate progress in protecting consumers and preventing them from experiencing gambling related harm.

“Making gambling fairer and safer is at the heart of how we regulate and better customer interaction, higher ADR standards and facilitating readily available blocking software are all part of this.”

View consultation on proposed amendments to LCCP requirements for customer interaction and alternative dispute resolution, and call for evidence on gambling site blocking software.